Keda's Poetry Service


Keda's Poetry Service is a passion project by poet, performer and lover of all things pink – Makeda Loney. Below is some information that'll help you better understand what you're getting and when you'll get it!

What are you getting?

You are getting a hand drawn poem by me, Keda. No two poems are the same, so each will be unique, and if you give me something to work with, tailored to your request. If you want the theme to be something specific, please make a note of it in the checkout notes! 

When will I get it?

I send out my orders on a rolling basis. I try to stay as on top of things as I can. With a full-time job, as well as other career and personal obligations, finding the time to sit and create something beautiful can be hard. Right now, I'm averaging sending out your order within two months of order placement. As I get better, I'll get faster. Right now, think of this as a surprise in the mail :) With that said, if you have a time limit, please tell me that upfront in the checkout notes. 

Who can I send it to?

Anyone you want! Just make sure the address in the checkout is the address you want it to be sent to. if you can't do that, put the address in the checkout notes. Also, include whatever note you want for me to add on the postcard that comes with each poem.